• Mount Sinai Cemetery - Portland Maine

  • Smith Street Cemetery - South Portland, Maine


We are a non-profit organization of Jewish community members that is concerned about the worsening state of our area’s Jewish cemeteries. By refurbishing these historic sites, we aim to revitalize the memory of those past and honor their contributions to our Jewish heritage.

It is our mission to honor our buried forebears in accordance with Jewish tradition, beliefs, and practices.

Rabbi Gary Berenson / Steve Brinn / Wayne Goodman / Karen Lerman George Marcus / Sam Novick / Sheri Quint / Marshall Tinkle


PO Box 251
Portland, ME 04112
facebook.com/ SMJCA2

“A few years ago, shortly after we moved back to Portland I visited the Smith St. cemetery where my grandparents and other relatives are buried. I was shocked and very saddened by the deplorable conditions I observed. Where was the caring, respect and dignity we as a Jewish community owe all of our ancestors? I was so pleased when a group of concerned Jews formed the SMJCA in order to repair and maintain
the Smith St. and Mt.Sinai cemeteries.”   -Wilma Rose